Thursday, 24 November 2011


I Just wanted to share a couple of casual hairstyles, that are very easy to make.
1. Half-do.  These are really easy. Pretty much it's just a bit of hair from the front, rolled or braided back.  The first picture (corner, left), is a fish-tail braid and..she tied it together at the back.  In the 2nd picture, she just twisted the hair and tied it together at the back, and then just rolled it into a mini bun, and pinned it.  In the 3rd, she just pinned the braid across. 

2. Braids. These are just your basic braids. They are loose/messy braids to give it a more casual look. You can actually make your braid.. and then just pull some hairs out, to make it look messy.  

3. Messy Bun! so.. there's really not much to say..  It's just a pony tail with a really loose bun!

So like I always say.. long is hair is beautiful..very beautiful... but the best part of having long hair is that you can style it anyway you want.  This is a blessing and a privilege to us, apostolic women!!!

God Bless You!

Click Here for different kinds of braids.
Click here for the style on the left bottom corner.
*These women are obv not of our faith..this is just for visual purposes*

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  1. How does this work if your hair is afro-textured? Can you feature some hairstyles for Pentecostals with kinkier texture hair?


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