Monday, 21 November 2011

"Dressy-Dresses" & Cardigans

God Bless!!  

So This week I shall be posting different outfits.   
Today I have few different modest "dressy-dress" outfits.
I say "dressy-dress" & Cardigans.. b/c they are all dressy, and they are all dresses with Cardigans. lol. 
I may have repeated the same cardigan.. but It's just to give you an example of what kind of cardigan will look good with a dressy-dress.  AND if you are dressing up...then you need a cardigan that looks dressy! 

OK.. So, these outfits are all good to go to church.. and/or all these dinners that you will be invited to in the next couple of weeks.

I hope you like them.. :)
 Try wearing something other than black in these cold months.
I think these colors compliment each other really well.  Mustard and grey.  
Even though black is awesome.. it's good to try something new
*How do you know your dress is too short? 
If you put it on.. and the hem is right at your knee..too short!
If you sit down, and your knees's too short. 
If you are going down stairs, and people can see up your skirt.. Def.. too short!

These ones remind me of the marine..prob because of the blue.   
So the one above is pretty simple.  It's the shoes that stand out.

*Simple is better! When you have a pretty dress, adding to much takes away from it.  
I've seen alot of girls who go over the top with belts, flowers, scarves..etc etc.  
In all honesty, it looks ridiculous.
Even your hair shouldn't be over the top..a nice simple up-do or half-do it good.  
Keeping it simple makes you look more pretty and elegant! 

The one below is pretty much the same.. but I added the coat.. just because it's awesome. lol. 

 I really like this one (below) It's really classy and elegant.  
It's just a simple black dress, coral cardigan (to give it a pop of color), and nude color belt and pumps.  Love it, love it! 

If you can't walk in them .. Then they are too high for you!!
If you have to take them off after 15 mins.. too high!  
If you can't worship with them on because you feel you are going to fall over... Don't wear them.
In all honesty; Heels do make you look more elegant, but too high just make you look trashy.  
 (sry for the choice of word.. but it's true.)

Well I hope you like these outfits, and they inspire you. 
Maybe you won't be able to get these exact items.. but I'm pretty sure  if you shop around, you will find them!  It's what's in.  (not that we are following fashion). 
I shall be back on Weds with more outfits :)
Remember: Modesty is Beautiful!
God Bless you :) 

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