Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cardigans love

Lets talk Cardigans. 

cardigan is a type of knit shirt that has an open front. Often, cardigans can be tied, buttoned, or zipped. Pretty simple to understand. right? They are so amazing because they serve so many purposes.  They keep you warm, modest and still stylish. We love them!! 
Cardigans vary in necklines, lengths, fabrics. and length. There is many many different kinds, so we will just cover a few, and save the rest forever.  So lets get started. 

1. Shrug Cardigan: a shrug’s purpose is to cover a small portion of the upper body, mainly just the arms and shoulders. They are typically cropped, have long sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves, and do not have any buttons or closures. A shrug cardigan can have a longer length on the front and back. This type of cardigan are perfect with those dresses that a busy on the top half because it won't cover too much of it. 

2. Tailored Cardigan. the typical cardigan shape and style, usually with a banding at the hem, sometimes without, and which ends mid-length, or right before the hip. This we believe is the most common cardigan to find. Tailored cardigans worn open look a little boxy to us, unless you add a belt to define your waisteline.  We prefer them fitted and buttoned up a little. Since they end right before the hip and often have banding in that area, buttonning these up they can help make the waist look more cinched and prevent the hips from looking more wide. Wear these with a jean skirt. 

3. Long Cardigan/Boyfriend Cardigan: these fitted or semi-fitted cardigans end mid-thigh or just below your bottom. These look good on taller girl, but shorter girls can wear these too.. just find one that’s not too long that you almost look like you’re drowning in fabric. It should be a long length that you feel comfortable wearing. We like to wear these open with an A-line or Full knee-lengthed skirt, and high heels|. 

4. Cropped Cardigan: These are short cardigans. They fall right above the waist. They can also be long, 3/4, or short sleeve. These look very cute with loose-fitting feminine tops, and dresses. They make any outfit look relaxed but pretty. 

The best part of cardigans? they keep you modest! 
Here are some ladies that posted their outfit on our instagram. 

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God Bless :)

Friday, 2 November 2012

Weekly Outfit: Old Navy

This weeks outfit is from Old Navy. Who doesn't love Old Navy?  It has it all, and it's affordable. Have you been there lately? they have so many cute things.

Shopping Tip: When shopping in Old Navy make sure you try their clothing on. I find that some of their pieces to run a bit big.

For this weeks outfit we paired this cute black & white striped dress with a  red cardigan to add some color.   We would wear this cardigan open, and added this brown belt to accent your waist. We saw these cute wedged loafers, and couldn't resist.  Are they adorable?  You could also add tights to keep warmer, and also, a scarf.

Hope you like it!! 

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