Wednesday, 5 December 2012

#PentecostalLookBook Outfits!

We've been having some Technical difficulties. We will keep trying to post something at least once a week.

Today we want to share some of the "hashtagged" outfits on Instagram that we love. We love seeing the creativity that goes into styling, and being modest. We are inspired by everyone of you. We encourage you to participate by using the hashtag #pentecostallookbook. Who knows you may end up on here!! :)

Here are some outfits that inspire us. Be sure to check these ladies out on Instagram.

Top-left: @ msbethany. We love the polkadot top & the blue pumps. the blue contrasts with the black & white, and gives the outfit a pop of color. Love it!

Top-right: @ smartskirt96. We had a pocket challenge about two weeks ago, and we LOVED this skirt. Love the color, stripes, and how she combined it. A basic top with a busy skirt. And Aren't those shoes adorable?

Bottom-left: @ aby0405. The color of this skirt is amazing, and we love that she combined it with a striped top, and blazer. Very simple, yet chic!

Bottom-right: @ lache1. Perfect for fall /winter? PRINTS. We love this look because its a simple outfit with a leopard print. She took it a step further by wearing a bright color, so her outfit is accented by two things, pattern & a pop of color. Shes keeping her outfit simple by not adding too much..just enough to make it work!

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