Friday, 11 November 2011

Wear that dress!

God bless you, fellow pentecostal ladies!!
Hope you are enjoy the  ok lets get to the nitty gritty...

I know how hard it is to find a dress that is all over modest.  It either has sleeves, but is too short.. OR it is long enough.. but has no sleeves. It sucks.. but yes this is the case, in this day and age.  If  "too short" is your here... TODAY, we are going to focus on a sleeve-less dress

So, say you have nice dress (like this one), and you really want to wear it, only it has no sleeves....oh no!
NOT TO WORRY!! There are many ways to cover up those flimsy arms....jks. your arms are not flimsy...or are they??  lol.  for today.. I have three... not one but THREE...suggestions that may help with this "no-sleeve" problem! Aren't you excited?? Yay to modesty!

ok Click Below to See suggestions! 

1. Wear a shirt under

what? under? yes under!! as in.. wear your dress over it! lol.

You could always wear a simple black shirt under. Although, if you are going to do this.. make sure that its a material that looks good with your dress.  for example.. if you dress is lace, please, don't wear a cotton shirt. I would also recommend a boat neck shirt with three quarter-length sleeves.  I personally think it's the only kind of shirt that looks good under a dress.

I would add a nice belt, round toe heels...maybe even a scarf.. and bam! lol.   

Another shirt you can wear under is classic white, shirt.  This shirt pretty much works with the above dress b/c the straps are not too thick or too thin, and the it's "pencil skirted". Make sure your dress doesn't have too much designs around the neckline.. the simpler, the better. This is a very professional look.  I like it.  Reminds me of something you would wear to an office....although, I would wear it to church too. :)

So add a pair of nice jks

Add a belt, and nice pointy toe shoes.. and done!

You can also try and pairing it with a turtleneck. This only works with some dresses, and I will leave that to your better judgement.   I Would only recommend you wear this during cold weather though.. obv. lol.

You can add a nice brooch to the sleeve of the dress.  I've seen this and it looks really nice. You can wear this with some nice boots! :)

2.  Wear a cardigan.

No.. not under.. wear a cardigan over your dress!!

They come in all solid colors, colored patterns and lengths...and they even come with different designs on them. I love Cardigans. If I could, I would wear cardigans everyday, all day. lol.  (maybe we should have a whole post on just cardigans..hehe)
Cardigans are perfect for any weather.
If its cold add a scarf.
If its "blah", add a belt or a flower.
No matter what dress you have.. guaranteed there is a cardigan for it!! yay! 

3. Wear a blazer!!

yes.. over your dress aswell!

Blazers, like cardigans come in all different colors and length.  Cardigans are just more comfy. lol.  BUT no matter what, you should def have a black blazer in your closet... it serves so many purposes.  It took me, forever to find one that I liked and that fit good.. but alas, I did. So go and get one.. NOW!... ok...fine not now..but when you have a chance.
Any-who.. a blazer will dress up anything, pretty much.  For a black dress like the one above, any color will do.

Have fun, wear a different color blazer, add a belt, a flower, or a scarf....and wear some nice pumps...and your ready for the next conference.  hehe.

The world, and it's designers are not thinking about modesty when they design these clothes.  luckily, using our creativity, and better judgement, we find ways to make things work to be modest.  As the women of the world indulge in these fashions and styles that give little to the imagination.... us, Apostolic Pentecostal women, stand out in the beauty of Holiness!! 

Remember before you head out the door.. look in mirror and examine yourself.  Make sure you are being the light.. in this dark world!

Hope this helps,
God Bless. :)

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Pictures from J Crew

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