Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Shop Around.

The Cold weather is here, and that means its time to get some warm clothes!!  
For most this means shopping.. for others, it means unpacking. Either way, at one point this means we have,(or have had to) to go to our local mall or shopping center to look for clothes...Because, in all reality, most of us don't know how to sew. (If you do... props!)
Shopping for clothes can be pretty annoying sometimes, especially since its really hard to find modest clothing now-a-days. All the skirts are short, are the necklines are low, its too tight...etc etc, and it can get pretty frustrating.  Luckily, there are a few different stores.. that looking around, you can find a things that you can work with.  That, and sometimes you just have to use your imagination.. and work with what you find. (we will help you with this in the near future.) 

So.. I found these style (below).. at H&M, and RW Co. websites.
To get ready for this wonderful cold season :)

(please take note of the clothes, not the hair)
New Look

New Look

New Look
totally would wear!



New Look
I like this.. it looks really comfortable.

These are all pretty much mix and match, and working with what you find and see. Unless your buying a suit, your really not gonna find outfits put together.   There is a ton a stores like the ones above.  If you think these stores are pricey... they really aren't. They have a ton a stuff that is not featured online...Sometimes you just have to look.... and well yea.. sometimes you have to spend a bit a money.. to get something you really like.  It's a bit a both. You can even go to thrift stores... its always fun to see what you mix and match....the point is.. to shop around and get something that is nice.. and MODEST!! 

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