Friday, 28 October 2011

the jean skirt

Ok, so I noticed that we like to wear the "jean skirt". Which is great... I don't wear them much, but i do have a couple. So just to share to all of you a few looks that I liked here are a few fashion tips to look casual and even professional when needed.

Cheer! GBU and let us know what you think. We can look fashionable and still be decent. God is good.


  1. Outfits are cute!

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  3. Definitely my kind of style. Comfortable.
    Where can I purchase the denim skirts shown in the pictures?

    1. These are from last year, so i don't think they sell them anymore.. but I have found some jean skirts in Suzy Shier, H&M, Old Navy, and even the thrift store. You kinda have to shop around for them.


Thank you for you comments. May God bless you abundantly.

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