Thursday, 20 September 2012

Guest Post: Paulina Carmel

Hey Ladies, 
We have a special guest with us today.  Her name is Paulina and she is the mastermind behind Paulina Carmel  Boutique.  If you visit her site you will see that everything she has is modest, and we love it!   We are glad to have her with us today, and be sure to read until the end, she has a special discount code for Pentecostal Look book readers! :)  

"Modesty comes first from the heart, and afterward affects the way we dress, speak, and behave. A lady’s behavior will follow her beliefs, just as her attire will follow her attitude. Modesty is a quietness of behavior,  and an unaffected way of dress. Modesty is an attitude that does not demand undue attention, and it doesn’t insist on consistent praise. It is a chosen humility. It doesn’t express that the modest object isn’t worthy of attention or praise, but simply that it doesn’t demand it by speech, dress, or behavior." -Paulina Carmel De Castro

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Paulina De Castro, and I run an online modest fashion boutique.

Growing up as an Apostolic, modesty has always been important to me. However, shopping trips were always a frustrating experience for me. As a young girl who wanted to look stylish and modest, there weren't many options. Shuffling through racks of lampshade-sized skirts, I began to imagine a store where style and modesty worked hand-in-hand.  At age 15 I decided to make that dream a reality. After much prayer, and research, my parents and I launched “”, an online modest clothing store. I was 16 years old at the time.

 Some years later I met my future-husband, Vinicius. He swept me off my feet. Now the two of us, happily married, run Paulina Carmel together. It our joy to provide you with the carefully chosen products you find at our online store. We merge our fashion-sense and business know-how to create a distinctive and modest line of clothing for today's Christian ladies. At our online boutique you will find a growing variety of fashionable pieces, everything from modern denim skirts, to stylish church dresses.

We realize that not everyone will agree with our expression of modesty in dress, some will think it too extreme, others will think it not extreme enough.  However, we strive to the best of our ability to provide a higher standard of stylish, feminine, modest clothing than what we are seeing in our mainstream American culture. We hope that everyone can find something that they like at our store. From very conservitive dressers, to those just learning about the importance of modesty. 

We offer misses sizes XS-XXL (US sizes 0-18). Our styles come from various designers around the country. Designing a custom line of modest clothing is our real dream, and that dream is becoming a realtiy. We will be introducing our first line of custom designed denim skirts this winter. If you'd like to join our mailing list for updates email us at:

We would like to thank Pentecostal Lookbook for giving us a chance to introduce our company! Here is a special free shipping code for all your readers, thank you!

Enter this code at checkout for FREE shipping: FREESHIP312 (Exp. 10/31/2012)

To shop our store click Here.
Visit the blog Here

Thank you Paulina for sharing that with us. We wish you many blessing for you and your shop.  God bless you! 

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